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"5 out of 5 stars"

I contacted the dealer about a car. I immediately received a courteous response from not one, but two dealer reps! Although I did not purchase the car because I realized the interior was not what I was looking for, I would not hesitate to reach out to Holmes if they have a car I am interested in on their lot in the future.
David.,  [CarGurus Review] Tucson, AZ - 11/14/2017

"Thank you all for the best experience with a dealership I have head to date"

Mr. Davis,Steve was the friendliest and polite person there yesterday morning. He answered all my questions and went above and beyond by washing "Pepe" , my car's name, for me. Steve truly embodies GREAT Customer Service.
Armando Garcia.,   Tucson, AZ - 11/11/2017

"We've recently had some issues with our vehicle"

We've recently had some issues with our vehicle and would be remiss if we didn't comment on the superior service we received from Holmes Tuttle Ford Service Department. Jason Davis, Holmes Tuttle Ford Service Director, went above and beyond to help me get on my way. I was having battery trouble on a Saturday. As Murphy's Law would have it, my husband was out of town and my children and I had an important celebration to attend. Jason worked magic and was able to get me on my way without a long wait and problem resolved. Prior to our battery failing, we also needed new tires. With our vehicle only a year old (and 22k miles) the shock of needing new tires was quite a disappointment. Tim Frydenlund, Assistant Service Manager, was able to ease the pain (and sticker shock!) of new tires. In what was a headache of a situation, Tim provided five-star service while working with us, Ford and the tire manufacture. Jason, Tim and the Holmes Tuttle Ford Service Team are dedicated professionals, offering five-star service, willing to go the extra step for customer satisfaction. Thank you!
Kristina Barnett.,   Tucson, AZ - 11/7/2017


WILLIAM LOMBARDI.,   Tucson, AZ - 3/2/2017

"Great dealership and the people were a pleasure to deal with"

I picked up my new Ford Fusion here in 2015. Great dealership and the people were a pleasure to deal with. I desperately needed an oil change one day and I called the service department at the last minute. They were able to fit me in and get the oil change done in about 20 minutes. Holmes Tuttle is part of the Jim Click group-they give back to the Tucson community in a tremendous way and I'm happy to support them. And I'm happy with the way I've been treated. The food in their cafe is outstanding-literally, I've stopped by there for lunch, without needing anything for my car. If you don't believe me, try it and you'll see.
Lyn S.,   Tucson, AZ - 6/3/2016

"I felt he was part of our family by the time the process ended"

Thursday May 19th 2016, my husband and I went to the Jim Click Vehicle sale at the Tucson Convention Center to look for a reliable vehicle for my son. Salvador Sierra greeted us and informed us he would be our salesperson. After Sal showed us around inside he took us on a test drive while looking at the vehicles outside. We left and informed him we would return with my son. In the meantime on Friday I went online and discovered a Jeep Liberty which was taken to the show Friday morning. I phoned Salvador to see if it was still available. We ended up purchasing that vehicle. The reason I'm writing is to inform you Sal is an excellent sale representative for your company. His technique is not pushy, fake or full of bullshit stories. He was so personable, polite, comforting with a willingness to LISTEN to our needs concerning buying a vehicle. I felt he was part of our family by the time the process ended. He is an asset to your company and should get one heck of a bonus for his dedication as an exceptional sales representation. On the flip side your process to purchase a vehicle at this event was very time consuming. I spent about eight hours when it was said and done. I don't know if I would ever go through this process again due to the time involved unless there was wine or food from Delectable's on Fourth Ave. My time is precious as I work all day and have three dogs and a husband to care for. I feel I should receive a bonus for my time I spent with the Jim Click Automotive Family. P.S. My son is very thrilled to have his new vehicle.
J. Chandler,   Tucson, AZ - 5/23/2016

"We have had amazing service from HTF"

We have had amazing service from HTF and I just recently did a survey regarding our last visit giving HTF an excellent rating for awesome customer service, timely and efficient service and overall fantastic service. From scheduling our vehicle for maintenance through driving off after the service, everything goes smoothly and professionally and we are very pleased with HTF staff and services. Please feel free to use our comments as you see fit for customer service satisfaction.
D. Stover,   Tucson, AZ - 3/3/2016

"World class experience of what a well run, managed and lead dealership"

I wanted to take the time to write to you to thank-you and your team for possibly the most enjoyable experience we have had in a car dealership in our life.  Our vehicle broke down on the way to Houston from Phoenix on Saturday and after our tow to your dealership our day just started to get better.
I can not remember the service advisors name but our number plate is from (Texas) and hopefully you can track him down  from that as he was exceptional in his service, the way he updated us through to the final hand back of our vehicle.  It was first class all the way and I was very very impressed.
However your companies service did not stop there.  We had two large dogs with us and two of your team went and found some bowls for water and some snacks for our dogs to make them comfortable whilst we waited.  We even had the coffee shop staff looking for ways to excel at customer service.
At every turn your staff kept focused on keeping the customer as number 1 and it was not forced it was genuine care for the client.  What is even more astounding is we will likely never be a client again as we just don't live in Tucson but your team did not take this into consideration at all.
This type of customer focus and the empowerment to allow staff to excel like this comes from exceptional leadership and for that we thank-you as much as we thank each and every member of the team that we came into contact with on Saturday.
We are sorry we could not express our appreciation in person but again we thank-you so much for getting us back on our journey home and for the world class experience of what a well run, managed and lead dealership is all about.
Kind regards
Neil and Jennifer Ferguson,   TX - 1/3/2016

Great service! Great dealership!!

Please allow me to offer my most sincere appreciation to Tim Frydenlund and the service department for their assistance in identifying and repairing the air conditioner on our Escape last Friday afternoon. You folks made what would have been a long uncomfortable trip enjoyable. Great service! Great dealership! I'm giving my recemmendation to those I know in your area. Again, much thanks.
D. Wiberg ,  Ruidoso, NM - 6/8/2015

Awesome service

i am going to start bringing my other vehicle to you because you run an excellent establishment -  you are all the standard of excellence in my opinion. Thanks.
D. Wlazlak ,  Tucson, AZ - 5/4/2015

Everything was great

I am a retired GM from a Ford dealer in Michigan and your service department is as good as I have ever seen.  Keep up the good work
T. Bernardo,  Tucson, AZ - 1/16/2015

-----"Poyfect !".......Top of the line, courteous, and as always Mr. Jimmy Daboul is the best

-----"Poyfect !".......Top of the line, courteous, and as always Mr. Jimmy Daboul is the best.......Got to tell you that the one person at Homes Tuttle (Click) that would make me buy, without hesitation, another car, and not to forget the goodies in the "For Sale" bin in Parts Department, from your organization is the way Mr. Daboul handles his position ,it reflects positively.....The Coffee in the waiting room is fantastic, and I would be remiss if I failed to mention that your Courtesy Shuttle Driver is wonderful......As always Joan Cole it has been nice hearing from you and I hope you get what you wish for this upcoming Festive Season.................Oh, and happy New Year.
S. Kregar, Tucson, AZ - 1/5/2015

"Your staff is excellent, courteous and helpful"

As always, my experience at Holmes Tuttle Ford was superior. My oil was changed and a small rain sensor cover was replaced. Your staff is excellent, courteous and helpful. Mike Hill is a truly outstanding service representative and makes sure that the repairs and work done on my car are at my utmost satisfaction. This is why I recommend Holmes Tuttle to my friends and family. 
P.W Hanson, Tucson, AZ - 7/25/2014

"I have to say I was pleasantly surprised"

Took my 2013 MKX in for first service yesterday. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Service Advisor Jim Daboul.. excellent. Bought the car by phone in Jan. thru Scott Patty. As a buyer of several Lexus vehicles over the last 15 years, didn't expect the same level of buying and service experience. These guys proved me wrong. 
R. Noble, Tucson, AZ - 7/24/2014

"My 'kudos' to Mike and your service crew"

My wife and I are on vacation and recently arrived in Tucson with our 31' RV. On the way into town the Parking Brake and ABS lights came on. A person at the campground mentioned Holmes & Tuttle as a good place to get work done. We called them and Mike Hill ( told us to bring it in the next morning which was a Thursday. We mentioned that we were on vacation and hoped any repairs could be completed in a timely manner as we have a cat along with us, who needs medication twice daily. We were very impressed with your facility, the kind people and swift service that we received. My 'kudos' to Mike and your service crew for making what could ahve been a major hassle into something at least pleasurable and fondly thought of now. Our thanks to everyone. We will definitely recommend your facility to others. Thanks again,
J. Hafer, CA, 2/7/2013

"I will come back for your great service"

2011 FORD TAURUS JUST a huge thank you to Michelle Izzo for her superb customer service and professionalism. I will come back foryour great service. ALSO, please give my gratitude to the tall gentleman at the cafe. HE was such a gentleman. ALL was a great experience! Thanks,
L. Marks, Tucson, AZ 11/1/2012

"Just a quick follow up letter to say thank you"

Just a quick follow up letter to say thank you for your efforts and those of the Service Dept staff for their excellent work on our new 2012 MKZ Hybrid, steering wheel repair.
K. Galvin, Tucson, AZ 10/4/2012

"MIKE HILL is the reason I come to your dealership!"

We are 7 years into our second Ford Explorer, both purchased at Holmes Tuttle Ford. We live in the Green Valley area, where there is a dealership, but Mike Hill has been my service advisor through the life of both of our Explorers.

Even though I have to drive 50 miles, one way, to bring our vehicle into Holmes Tuttle Ford, I do it because of Mike. Other reasons are I have always gotten excellent service at Holmes Tuttle and I love your waiting area, restaurant, etc.

MIKE HILL is the reason I come to your dealership! MIKE HILL is a gem!
C. Lopez, Green Valley, AZ - 6/14/2013

"Thanks for the excellent service"

2009 MKX, just a brief note to say how pleased I was with the recent service performed on my vehicle. Prompt, courteous and on time. Thanks for the excellent service, rest assured the next time I visit Tucson I will be at your service dept. if required. thanks again.
D. Farrow, 4-10-2012

"I am writing to commend Garrett Hering"

I am writing to commend Garrett Hering in your service department. I started bringing my son's vehicle in for service a couple years ago & have had the pleasure of Garrett's help many times. He is always helpful, informative & professional. In fact, his performance was very instrumental in our decision to purchase 2 new vehicles from this dealership. We will definitely look to Garrett when we need service on all our vehicles. Thank you Garrett!!!
L. Beeson, Tucson, AZ - 6/12/2013

"I was very happy with the professionalism"

2008 Santa Fe. I was very happy with the professionalism of the person that checked me in at the service department. Garrett was very knowledgeable and friendly. Although I went in for just an oil change, I did need some other items. Garrett carefully explained and made it hassle free. Thanks
E. Moore, Tucson, AZ 1/12/22013

"I wanted to make sure I told you how wonderful my service"

I wanted to make sure I told you how wonderful my service was recently when I bought my new ford fusion. Carly Labanow took such great care of us! We never felt pressured to buy, she was very patient while I asked a million questions. I had been to Jim click ford on 22nd a few weeks before I got into contact with Carly and once I told my salesman over there I was A plan he didn't seem to care much about getting me the right car, however when I told Carly she didn't hesitate at all to help me. This is why I traveled 1 hour to the dealership just to do business with her. I have never had this service at a car dealership. You just dont see this kind of customer service anywhere anymore. You hear a lot about pushy sales people but Carly was all about getting me into the right car not about making a buck. When I got my car Carly took the extra time to make sure I knew how EVERYTHING worked in my car. Knowing it was super late, she didnt want me leaving with out knowing everything. You can be sure I will refer everyone to her who want to buy a new car. Also knowing she can sell many types of cars at Jim click helps. Bill in finance was also someone I wanted to recognize, he was very good at explaining everything to me during the signing process. He let me also many many questions. He knew all the answers to my questions. It was such a smooth process buying this car and I don't feel like I bought this car on a whim. I did my research and bought the car that was right for me and my family, Carly very much helped me and I really hope she is recognized among her peers. Thanks again for such a great experience..
C. Hail, Tucson, AZ 1/23/2013

"We have never had such professional, above and beyond call of duty service"

We did not receive a survey after our visit so thought I would e-mail you about our experience. We hope your management gets this. We are from ND and spent 5 weeks in Tucson this March. We have a 2011 Ford Explorer and felt we had a problem with it so we took it to HT, Fred Adelman, Advisor, took care of our concerns. We had to return in a couple days and he again addressed our needs along with a wonderful service person, name?? We have never had such professional, above and beyond call of duty service. They were WONDERFUL. Even our own dealer where we buy new cars and pick-ups every few years has never treated us as good or given such great service. We just wanted your management to know what a great asset they are to you and how impressed we were and are with his department. We are from out of state and he still got us in right away and was so professional and accommodating. We have told our friends who live there about the wonderful service we had from Fred. Thank him many times over!!!
Gary & Sherry L., ND, 4/22/2013

"Not such a bad start on a long drive home!"

2008 Ford Expedition At 10:00 am, Friday, March 25, 2011, we pulled into your dealership without an appointment. We were just leaving Tucson to return to WI, when the engine light came on. The service advisor, David Holland, explained that it would likely be two hours. It did take 2 1/2 hours. Meanwhile, he checked in with us. Edgar, a sales rep, talked with me about the features of a Fusion. The cafeteria staff were friendly during our wait . The waiting area was large, inviting, and comfortable. We wish we knew of such service in the Madison, WI area. The best part was that the sensor problem was diagnosed and fixed for free, since it was under warranty. Not such a bad start on a long drive home. Thank you all! 

Marilyn & Ted N. Madison, WI, 3/25/2011

"Service Department Excellence"

I recently had both of my fairly new Ford vehicles break down to some extent.  Most notably was my Mercury Mariner that had a laundry list of problems.  Mike Hill was my service adviser.  Mike and I had many discussions during the three weeks you had my hybrid.  During these discussions I grew to respect not only Mike and what he does but your establishment and the quality of service.  Mike taught me some great lessons that I can take with me to my field (Real Estate).  Mike was amazing!  He was accessible and returned all my phone calls immediately, even when I was being a real jerk.  I want you to know that Mike's level of service exceeded my expectations by light years.  I believe I went into this process thinking I was going to get "screwed over" for some reason and it was the exact opposite.  Mike treated me as I would like to be treated.  That's all I would ever want from my clients and I strive to do the same in my business.  I have been a Ford guy my entire life, due to my father, and I will continue to be a Jim Click Ford guy from here on out, due to Mike.  Unless of course you want to sell the company to me, HA!  All joking aside, kudos to Mike for being honest, helpful, and shattering my biased opinion.  I hope you realize how great a representative you have there at the Auto Mall.  He makes you look good every day.  

And I would still like to go have that cup of coffee with you one of these days when you have time, HA - again.  

Thank you for your service, dignity, respect, and loyalty.  It will come back around when I am ready to buy my next vehicle.  I am proud to tell everyone how fantastic my experience has been.  I will be telling everyone.
E. McCauley, 8-19-2010